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Aventure Awaits

1 month today I will be jetting off the most exciting adventure I've had so far. I have been busting my ass for two years working hard and saving like crazy to get to this point and I can't believe its now so close to being a reality. I've been lucky enough to still have two amazing trips in between but I have been scrimping and saving and working so hard, I feel so proud of myself for making this happen.

For two months I will be making my way around Asia and ending up in Australia, a few places I have already visited and I feel so lucky that I can go back! Originally this was going to be a much longer trip but due to various circumstances me and my close friend have decided this is the right amount of time to go for. I will be away for christmas which feels absolutely insane and I'm half terrified but I know I am going to have the time of my life and that this definitely won't be my last adventure!

I am lucky enough to have an amazingly supportive family and boyfriend who are happy for me to go and have helped me get to a point where I can actually live this dream. I am feeling so lucky and proud right now I cant believe its actually happening! Right now I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to and I've already started planning my next trips. Travel is pretty much my main focus right now and although I've put a lot of important things on hold I'm really happy. Im not ready to limit myself to one place or one job, I just want to enjoy my freedom while I can!

I've been dying to share this but I thought today would be the perfect time to finally write about this. Travel is the main reason I wanted to blog, it's the perfect way to document my journey and have somewhere to share my experience. I hope you guys will follow and enjoy keeping up with my adventures and I'd love to hear if anyone has been travelling around South East Asia or Australia, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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