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New Beginnings

Very recently I have moved house which has been a huge change for myself and my family. We have moved to a different area and further away from our friends and family which in all honesty I have found quite hard to adjust to. I love travelling to new places and experiencing new things but I always liked to know I had a secure home to go to, but at the moment I don't quite feel at home. 

Our new house is lovely by all means but it just doesn't quite feel like my home. I can't seem to get used to driving that much further to pop round to my friends or my boyfriends and silly things like shopping centres and supermarkets take that much longer to get to. We have moved to a little village which is gorgeous and I like being in walking distance from pretty much everything it has to offer, hopefully I'll feel settled as time goes on. 

I wanted to share my new home as it is such a huge change in my life that inspired my to restart my blog. A fresh start in a new home and a fresh start with my own little space online. We're still settling in so at the moment there isn't much to share visually, but I thought I'd include a photo of the birds nest beneath my bedroom window. These baby pigeons were only born a few days ago and they've already grown so much! I thought they would make the perfect subject to include in my new beginnings post. 

I guess relaunching this blog I am documenting the next chapter in my life which is about to get a whole lot more exciting, I hope you guys enjoy following me and my adventures. 

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