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Welcome to Oh, Rose.

Welcome to Oh, Rose. It feels odd writing an introduction post for the second time but I am a typical creative type who is very self critical of what I produce, and the first time I started this blog I just wasn't happy with how it turned out. Although I wasn't pleased with it the first time round I really feel as though I found a passion in blogging so I wanted to reinvent this space and really make it my own. 

I have changed a lot in myself over the past year and my interests have definitely changed. I still love trying out various beauty products and new clothes but recently I have been putting my money away for something much more important. I have relaunched my blog just before a life changing experience I will shortly be embarking on and I wanted to have somewhere I could share this. 

The photo I have used for this post is not necessarily recent but it depicts me doing what I love, travelling to amazing places and creating beautiful images! I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as it begins and evolves. I don't really know how to sum it up at this point but you can expect a lifestyle blog filled with my experiences and many interests. 


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