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Belated Birthday Celebrations!

Although my birthday was the beginning of last week, the weekend just gone my boyfriend treated me to a weekend in London to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It was a busy weekend and we both ending spending a lot more than we should have but it was amazing. I was expecting the tour itself to be a great experience but it was even better than I thought it would be. It was so difficult choosing photos for this post, partly because I took hundreds, because each section was incredible.

Even Jon was running around getting excited seeing all of the props and the sets. I couldn't believe the detail they put into every scene, prop and set and it actually felt magical! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present, its an experience I will never forget.

It was a great time to go as well, with halloween coming up they have introduced new scenes and props relating to the dark arks. They had the props used in Borgin and Burkes on Nocturn Alley and a selection of death eater masks. They also had someone dressed up as a death eater to take photos with which Jon took advantage of!

To end the weekend we spent a day in central London which was tiring but was nice to do together. We had brunch in Covent Garden, making an obligatory stop at the Apple store, and finished off the day in Camden. I think Camden is probably my favourite place in London as its so quirky and you could spend hours wandering around the market. It was so crowded on the Sunday it made it slightly difficult walking around but it was a brilliant day none the less!

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