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Advice On The Road

One of my favourite parts of travelling is meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. I have always found this to be a great way to gain inspiration on new places to visit or what to do in a particular destination and I enjoy talking to new people. One thing that I have noticed when meeting people along the way is you will inevitably run into those who are going to say you're doing it wrong.

This drives me insane, I can't stand it when people either scoff at what you are or aren't doing or those who try to dictate what they think you should be doing. If you've encountered these people you know who I mean, the people who turn their noses up at any form of transport that costs more than $10 and takes less than 24 hours or who scoff if you're visiting anywhere they deem to be too commercial.

As I've said I find other traveller's experience and advice invaluable when planning my own trips, and most of the time I take their advice, I just don't appreciate arrogance. Each person is having their own adventure and personally I wouldn't make a negative comment about another persons's plans without good reason. I take on board a lot of advice given to me and appreciate honesty but there are times where I have to discard a negative opinion or comment as I feel it's better to form my own judgement.

My current trip involves a seemingly random route as in Southeast Asia, a lot of people tend to move from place to place in a common order, but our itinerary was decided based on where we really wanted to go in a short space of time and based on the weather. I've only been in Vietnam a week and I've been asked numerous times whether we have come from Cambodia. As much as I would like to go we weren't able to fit it in, but that can always be done during another trip! 

I don't mean for this to come across as a rant it's just something I've noticed each time I've visited Asia and thought it would be worth discussing. I'm here enjoying my own journey and experience and it doesn't really matter if anyone thinks I'm doing it wrong! Have any of you guys encountered something similar or on do you also take ideas and inspiration from others? Let me know in the comments (:

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