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Expectations and The Element of Surprise

I'm one of these people who needs to have a rough idea of what I'm doing before I get to new place and what it is I should do when I'm there, which before now I had always considered the sensible way of doing things. During this trip my friend has mentioned a number of times she doesn't know what to expect each time we get to a new place and I was so shocked to hear she had done no previous research into our destinations. Her, and a lot of other people's, theory is to go somewhere without any preconceived ideas of what to expect and to simply go with the flow in terms of finding things to do and see. 

I like to be organised and have things thought out so this is an entirely foreign concept to me but I'm starting to see the merit in thinking this way. Without expectations a new destination may seem that much more amazing if you're not expecting pristine beaches or incredible nightlife. Amazing trips and experiences might seem more exciting when they are spontaneous and not previously planned so I'm beginning to think maybe I should try planning less and simply seeing what happens when I arrive. 

I think I'll always need a rough idea of what I'm doing, whether than be a general itinerary or a hotel booking, before arriving anywhere as I need a sense of security. I do enjoy spontaneity and having the flexibility to change my plans, I just don't think I could cope not having any! I so admire people who have no reservations and can come and go as they please, it's just not something I've ever done. 

Maybe during this trip I can challenge myself to being more spontaneous and to not have everything planned and organised. We have already changed our ideas about where we want to head in Australia so that leaves us with no set itinerary or plan! Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone as it is so I might as well just go with it. I'd love to know how you guys travel, whether you have everything arranged or simply go from place to place as you wish. Let me know in the comments which you prefer and whether you'd recommend just winging it! 

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