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Travelling Essentials

I love to read posts like this when reading travel blogs as I think it's a great way to find out about different things that may come in handy on the road. Each persons is different and depend on a variety of factors including the kind of traveling your doing, your gender or what countries you're visiting so each persons ideas of essentials can vary. Saying that a lot of the same items are commonly listed, a few of mine are often mentioned, but I still find it interesting to see what people take with them or find useful. 

My first absolute essential has to be a travel wallet. It doesn't have to be anything fancy I just personally have to have something to keep all of my important documents together and organised. My current one is from Paperchase and I love it so much, it has labeled compartments and is plastic so it doesn't get wrecked after constantly being packed away. Males in particular tend not to carry anything like this but for me it's a definite must have. It saves the hassle of trying to find various different things in your bag, everything important is kept together and organised. 

My second must have item for traveling is a microfibre towel. This is a common one as they are ideal, they're compact and dry easily making them perfect when you have to pack everything into one bag. They are ridiculously absorbent so are brilliant when drying yourself and they take very little time to dry out, unless you are somewhere with high humidity as I found out, meaning there's no waiting around to pack them. I found a pack of two fairly cheap on Amazon and they have served me well. 

Another essential has to be packs of tissues, the small kind that go in your handbag. They are a must have when you're frequently using bathrooms with no toilet paper, which is often the case when in Asia, and they're great when you need to quickly wipe your face or hands dry. They're commonly forgotten but I always have a pack of tissues on me and I'm always thankful for having packed them. 

Having a variety of padlocks always comes in handy and is something I have to have on me. I like to have a combination lock on my main backpack and to have a couple of spares for in case of loss, damage or when you need a separate lock for use on a locker. I'm pretty paranoid about my things and I like to make sure all of my valuables are locked away so back up locks are a must have, it's always better to be prepared!

One must have item for me that sounds a little unnecessary is a small laundry bag. They're not an absolute essential but they make it so much more convenient organising your clothes and keeping your dirty laundry separate. It also makes it a lot easier to drop off your laundry when it's packed and ready to go. You can get super compact ones so they take up no space and it just makes things a little more organised. 

My final essential which has been a recent discovery is packing cubes. I like my things to be as neat as possible and organised so I was so exited to hear about them, they're basically zip up compartments to keep your things together. I have only tried them out on this trip and they have been a life saver. You can compact your things into the cubes and organise your items so you don't have to dig everything out to find something. I have very lightweight ones that don't hold their shape so they're super thin and don't take up any space themselves. I bought a pack of five on Ebay, which were very inexpensive, that come in variety of sizes making it easy whether your using a backpack or suitcase. I would definitely recommend them if you like to be an organised traveller! 

I could go on and list a million and one other things I love to take with me but I will save them for future posts as I'm always coming across something new and handy that's perfect for taking away. I would love to hear your guys travelling essentials or any products in particular you've used and liked. Let me know in the comments below!

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