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Vietnam, Hoi An

Hoi An is hands down my favourite destination I have visited in Vietnam, it has such a unique charm I literally fell in love with the place. Hoi An's old town is beautifully preserved and its influence from Chinese, Japanese and European cultures is clear from the achitecture. It's history as an ancient merchant town is also clear as it is located around the river and the buildings have doors opening right onto it. 

On our first night there it was the Full Moon festival where small candles are floated down the river to celebrate. It's looks so pretty seeing the candles floating a long and the idea is to make a wish as you put them on the water. It was such a nice day to arrive we didn't even know about it until we got there. For a few nights after the festival you could still buy the candles but it was so special being able to take part in the festival itself. 

As much I loved Hoi An for its history and culture the nightlife was another aspect I enjoyed! We were staying in a busy hostel which had a great bar where everyone pre drank. It was a great way to get chatting to people before moving on to one of the few bars there. There were only a couple we went to while we were there but we always had a good night. I wasn't expecting a nightlife at all, and to be honest I would have loved it even if it didn't have much, so I was pleasantly surprised!

The shopping there was also brilliant, there are the usual souvenir and clothing shops that you get all around Asia but there were also small boutiques and endless tailors. We actually had some clothes made while we were there, it's so nice having something made especially for you and that you can choose the design of entirely. We went to Peace tailors which had been recommended and I am so pleased with how the clothes turned out. I had a playsuit, top and a skort made and as expected they fit perfectly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone travelling there and interested in custom clothing.

Looking back on it now it feels as though we barely did anything other than shop and drink but I loved it so much there. The town itself is so pretty to walk around, especially at night with all the lanterns, and the food there is also great. It's a definite must for anyone visiting Vietnam and is somewhere I would definitely consider going back to. 

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  1. Whoa, those are beautiful lanterns.