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Vietnam, Nha Trang

When I think of Nha Trang, and what I was expecting to find there, I imagine partying all night and lazing on the beach. I wasn't expecting there to be as much to do as there actually was so I will admit I was pleasantly surprised, although a lot of what people say about it is true. It is very commercial and geared toward tourists but in fairness, so are a lot of other places in Asia. There were a lot of activites to do and cultural sites to visit, we weren't able to fit everything in but we really enjoyed our time there.

The main reason we enjoyed it so much is that we were lucky enough to make some amazing friends and we had so much fun together. For the majority of the time me and Abi were doing our PADI Open Water course but we still managed to fit in some other activites even after all the early mornings and late nights. Our best day had to be when we visited the mud baths and mineral pools at I Resort. It was amazing there were loads of mud baths to fit small groups in and then different pools and waterfalls with the mineral water. There were also water slides and waterfalls which we took full advantage of, I think my inner child definitely took the opportunity to come out that day!

Although it took up a lot of our time I'm so happy we completed our Open Water courses. It was so inexpensive to learn in Nha Trang and our instructor was great. It was very relaxed and we were able to do our studying in our own time back at the hotel. We passed the exams and it feels great knowing we're now certified divers! The diving itself wasn't the best as the visibility is poor in the winter season but I'd definitely recommend doing the course there to avoid spending as much. 

The beach in Nha Trang I was very surprised with. I wasn't expecting much and expected to be hassled by people trying to sell you something every two seconds, but the beach itself was lovely. It stretched on for miles and the tide didn't come up too high meaning plenty of space for sunbathing. The waves were absolutely insane, they were so huge and it was so entertaining to watch people running in and out of them. It seemed to bring out the inner child in everyone! I wish we had more time to chill on the beach but luckily between dives we were able to fit in some sunbathing on the boat. 

I don't think I would go out of my way to return to Nha Trang but as I've said I really enjoyed my time there. There were a lot of options in terms of things to do but I think the main reason we loved it was definitely the company we had. As I discussed in my last post the people you're with can really influence your experience in a certain place and we got so lucky to meet some of the nicest people. Learning to dive was also an exciting experience, although very tiring, and in the coming weeks I will be writing a post all about it. I'd love some recommendations on good dive sites around the world if any of you guys are divers, feel free to let me know in the comments below with any suggestions!

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