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Thailand, Bangkok

This time around in Bangkok felt like a whirlwind. As it was my second time I wanted the girls to decide where they wanted to go and I made a few suggestions based on what I thought they would like, but looking back it feels like we barely did anything! I think we maybe made the most of the nightlife a little too much as it seemed we never were able to quite get up early enough to get much done, but we all really enjoyed our time there. I personally find Bangkok and very pleasant city considering how manic a lot of Southeast Asian cities are. I love the variety of people you can meet there and the different experiences you can have.

On the first day it was still only me and Abi and we had decided, whilst in Vietnam, that we would get tattoos on our first day in Bangkok. We had already done our research and found out where we wanted to go and what we wanted done so our first day was purely spent arranging this. We first went to the tattooist we had found for Abi but unfortunately could not get an appointment until the next day. We then went ahead to find the place where I had chosen and I had decided to get a traditional Thai Sak Yant tattoo. I will be uploading a fully detailed post of my tattoo experience next week so stay tuned for that!

On our second day two of our friends Amy and Laura joined us so we of course went to collect them from the airport and brought them back to the hotel. They pretty much spent most of the day sleeping due to the jet lag so me and Abi headed out to get her tattoo done and do a bit of shopping on Khaosan Road. Although we didn't do much exactly it was fun hanging around Khaosan and seeing the different types of people wandering around. There always seems to be a mix of travellers including families, young and older people. I find it such an interesting place to sit, grab a beer and people watch. It's great for shopping too you can grab a bargain although it does require some haggling!

The nightlife is another thing I really love about Khaosan road. The drinks are cheap, the music is loud and its packed full of people. I was absolutely amazed by it the first time I experienced it but even the second time around I loved it. It's great how most of the bars have all these little chairs and tables out in the street where you can sit and chat to people from all over the world whilst getting a little bit drunk. It's a brilliant way to meet people and it makes for a great night out. There are a handful of bars to choose from and even a club on Khaosan road so you're pretty much set.

We had intended on visiting the Grand Palace while we were there but unfortunately, due to a late night and raging hangovers, we didn't make it in time before it closed. We were able to visit one of the many temples in Bangkok but it would have been lovely to experience the Grand Palace again. I'll include a photograph from the last time I visited as it is such a beautiful place and a must see when you're in Bangkok. We did manage a visit to the Siam Centre while we were there as, after all, we are girls who love to shop! The Siam Centre is so cool, its so modern and the visual merchandising in the stores is incredible (a little bit of my fashion studies background comes out when I see good visual merchandising!). It was a nice place to mooch around and there's a great little food court to grab some authentic Thai food.

Overall our experience of Bangkok pretty much seemed to consist of shopping and drinking, but I absolutely loved it. It's a definite must do if you're visiting Thailand and the top things to do I would say include the Grand Palace, Khaosan road and jumping in a tuk tuk!

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