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Blogging on the road

I’m guessing some of you may be thinking why on earth am I writing a post like this when I suck at sticking to this so much! Well I’ve decided that by coming up with ideas and solutions for blogging while travelling I can actually inspire myself to stick to a schedule and make sure I find the time to write.

I have looked at what other bloggers have written on this topic and considered a few things that I find work best for me and have come up with a few tactics that I will be trying to stick to myself.

The first one would be to utilise time spent travelling. When I say travelling I mean time spent on airplanes or public transport, or even the time spent waiting around in airports or other places. This is the perfect time to sit down and either plan upcoming posts or start writing them. How much you can achieve obviously depends on how long you have while travelling from one place to another, but generally this is the best time to get things done! Why bother sitting around being bored or wasting precious time you have to catch up. From now on any travelling time I have will be spent ensuring I am either up to date or ahead of my posting schedule.

Another idea is to make creating posts easier for yourself by doing a little bit of research before you get to a destination. If you have a rough idea of what you are going to see and do before you arrive you can ensure you fit everything in and can even get a little bit of background information to include in your post. It also helps you to get an idea of what kind of photographs you will be able to get and what images you would actually like to come away with. I like to try and get an idea of the kinds of images I want before I arrive as sometimes you can be rushed. This can make it difficult to decide on how to get the perfect shot in the moment so a bit of preplanning can make this process a whole lot easier.

Leading on from this point, in order to make sure you have the perfect shots for your posts take a million and one photos! No I obviously don’t mean this literally but its better to have a whole load of photos to choose from afterwards which you can of course whittle down. If you take heaps of photos you are more likely to have at least one or two images that will work so you’re increasing your chances of getting that perfect shot.

One tactic I have used from day one is keeping a notebook filled with ideas and inspirations for posts. I personally really enjoy researching potential ideas, posts and anything else that inspires me to write and keeping it all in one place. I also love putting pen to paper and hand writing my ideas, you of course could collate your ideas digitally or in any way you choose, I just personally enjoy having a notebook to flick through. I constantly have a list of ideas I could chose from if I’m experiencing writers block or lack of inspiration and I also note down any handy tips and ideas regarding travelling or blogging to keep myself motivated.

Deciding on a schedule can be a brilliant way to ensure you are both consistent with your posting and motivated to do so. While you are travelling I think it’s important to know when you are due to post to ensure you are prepared and have a deadline to work to. I personally have chosen to post three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I felt this was achievable and easy to remember. I also really need a little push sometimes when I’m not feeling particularly motivated or inspired so having set days helps to make sure I have something ready.

Finally I have found preparing posts ahead of time the most helpful tactic. If I have a lot of spare time I try to pre prepare as many posts as I can ahead of schedule. I don’t necessarily have them all complete but I have as much as I can ready to go so that when it comes to the days when I am due to post the hard work is already done for me. While saying this I am still rubbish at having a lot of posts ready prepared, but when I actually do I find this the most useful to ensure I am still active on my blog while travelling.

I hope you guys find these useful if you are bloggers yourselves or may know someone who could find this post handy. Other than that I’ve enjoyed writing this post and inspiring myself to keep up with something I love doing, and trying to make myself a little more organised!

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