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Thailand, Koh Phi Phi

In total we had around 5 days on the island of Koh Phi Phi and like Chiang Mai the whole experience feels like a complete blur. This may have something to do with the fact that while we were there we did a lot of drinking and a lot of partying, but the short time we had there definitely flew by!

Our first day there was of course spent on the beach and the beaches on Koh Phi are exactly what you envision when you think of Thailand. All around the island are magnificent, limestone cliffs and the beaches are covered in white sand surrounded by a turquoise ocean. The natural beauty there took my breath away, I only wish I’d taken more photos!

We knew we would have to do an island hopping tour while we were there and visit the famous Maya Bay, where the film The Beach was filmed. It was such an amazing day we started off by visiting Maya Bay, which I will admit was slightly disappointing. The bay itself is absolutely stunning but when you imagine arriving on that beach you expect to at least get a clear view, but unfortunately the masses of tourists and boats in the bay make this kind of impossible. We of course still managed to get a few nice photos but the visit wasn’t exactly serene.

During the trip we also had the opportunity to snorkel the stunning reefs around the islands and kayak over to the monkey beach. This was a slightly terrifying experience as I have found with most monkey encounters in Asia. They are unpredictable, wild animals and personally I would not recommend feeding them. While we were there a few tourists were feeding them peanuts that for the most part was fine, but there were a few occasions where the monkeys would chase after them when they ran out of food!

After completing our PADI Open Water Course in Vietnam we also wanted to fit in our first fun dive during our time on the island after hearing it was an amazing place to dive. We chose to book our dive with Island Divers and although I was pretty nervous, I really enjoyed the trip! I was anxious, as it was our first dive as certified divers, but all in all I think we did pretty well and it was great to experience diving without being assessed or instructed.

We were fortunate that on board there were other experienced divers who were so friendly and helpful giving us advice and describing what we had actually seen underwater. I was a little disappointed we weren’t able to see any reef sharks, as that’s what I was most excited to see, but considering the weather wasn’t the greatest we were able to see quite a bit. We of course were able to see stunning coral reefs and a variety of fish, but I was most excited about spotting a lionfish! Like I said we unfortunately didn’t get to see any sharks or turtles but I still really enjoyed the experience.

Our last couple of days on the island we were unlucky with the weather so we didn’t get a chance to explore many of the different beaches or make it up to the viewpoint, which I am a little disappointed about. Overall though I think Phi Phi was one of my favourite places in Thailand. The islands are absolutely stunning and I had the time of my life partying every night and watching the insane fire shows! If I do revisit Thailand in the future I will definitely make a return trip to Phi Phi and finally make it to the beautiful viewpoint. 

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