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Thailand, Koh Tao

Getting to Koh Tao turned out to be a little more difficult than we originally anticipated. We had planned to arrive the day before Christmas Eve but it turned out that our lack of organisation at such a busy time of year finally went against us.

It turned out we were unable to get the boat all of the way to Koh Tao that day so in the end we had to get the boat over to Koh Samui and stay over night. We were a little disappointed, as it obviously meant having one night less on the island, but we had no other option. To make matters worse the boat over to Koh Samui was one of the most horrific boat journeys ever! The waves were huge and I’ve never been so close to being sea sick in my life. It was a rough couple of hours and unfortunately it affected us for the rest of the night even on land.

When we finally made it to Koh Tao things immediately started to look up. We were lucky that we could arrive early in the morning and we arrived to the sun shining and Christmas spirit all around! We spotted so many people wearing Santa hats or other festive items it put us all in a great mood. We had booked a nice hotel to spend our Christmas in and we were right on the beach, so after settling in we hit the beach right away for some celebratory drinks.

That evening we actually managed to find a store selling heaps of Christmas trees and other decorations so of course we couldn’t resist getting a small tree and a few bits for the room! It was so much fun setting it all up and that night we partied into the early hours until it was officially Christmas!

Christmas day felt a little surreal with it being our first Christmas away from our families. We decided we should do something special so decided to head to a different beach on the island. We had asked to go to a particular beach but somehow ended up being dropped off at a private beach resort, I guess that’s Thai taxi drivers for you! We had realised the mistake after arriving on the beach but decided to be a bit cheeky and spend the day there anyway. It was gorgeous weather and it was so relaxing being somewhere so peaceful and beautiful for the day. It was an unexpected way to spend Christmas day but I absolutely loved it.

For our last couple of days on the island we unfortunately got very unlucky with the weather, which limited what we could do. Luckily we were still able to fit in a trip to Koh Nang Yuan, which is the only place in the world where you can find three islands connected by a sand bar. This was something I really wanted to do while I was there and for the most part the weather held out with only a brief half an hour of mental downpour. We hired a boat taxi to get to the island and back and spent most of the day over there. We of course walked up to the viewpoint to overlook the stunning islands which was incredible. We spent a little while up there soaking it all in and really appreciating the natural beauty of the islands. I would highly recommend taking a day trip over to Koh Nang Yuan if you are visiting Thailand.

The rest of our time on Koh Tao was spent dodging the rain and doing a fair bit of shopping! I love the shopping in Thailand; I can’t resist looking through all the clothes or touristy nick nacks. I was absolutely gutted that we were unable to do a dive on the island due to weather, especially after hearing so many good things about the diving there. Hopefully if I revisit Thailand I will finally be able to fit this in.

I couldn’t resist including this picture from a night where we visited a lady boy strip club. Obviously this may not be to everyone’s taste but we had such a laugh and an unforgettable evening, when in Thailand I guess!

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