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Australia, Brisbane and Australia Zoo

Our time in Brisbane was incredibly brief and in all honesty we only made a pit stop there to visit the Australia Zoo, so there is very little I can say about Brisbane itself. From what we did see it seems like a pleasant enough city, and I definitely enjoyed the shopping, but I feel as though I need to revisit and actually see what it has to offer.

We had planned to visit the Australia Zoo before arriving as we had heard amazing reviews from friends and family and knew it was something we definitely wanted to fit in. We arranged a Greyhound bus transfer from the city, which gave us the whole day there, and even pre booked the koala experience as we just had to get the typical cuddling a koala photo! I was pleased we had the whole day to explore as it meant we could take our time wandering around and not have to rush trying to see everything.

 We tried to make sure we fit everything in and tried and walk around in some kind of order, but I will admit I turn into a big kid at the zoo so I got a little excited at first and headed straight for the kangaroos! I wasn’t expecting to find them so scary but at first it was a little terrifying trying to get close enough for a photo. After a little while of watching them laze around however, we realised they are pretty chilled out and as long as you don’t bother them too much you can pretty much sit right next to them.

The koala experience was definitely the highlight of the day. We were allowed into our own area in the koala enclosure for half an hour with a zookeeper on hand to tell us all about them. There were only four of us in the group giving each of us plenty of time to cuddle the koala, this particular one was named Ellen after Ellen Degeneris. It was such an incredible experience with such an adorable animal, the only downside was that Ellen decided she needed to poop while I was holding her!

 Another exciting part of the day was making a visit to the wildlife hospital they have at the zoo. It was so lovely to hear stories about some of the amazing work they do and seeing some the animals they are treating. Also on our way over to the hospital we bumped into the Irwin family and we of course had to get a photo! They seemed genuinely lovely and I think its amazing how involved in the zoo they are and how they are continuing Steve’s legacy.

The whole day was incredible and an unforgettable experience. The zoo itself was amazing and I was so pleased to see that they had such a strong passion for Australian wildlife and wildlife conservation. I would highly recommend a visit if you are around the Brisbane area!

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