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Australia, Byron Bay

We only had a few days to explore Byron Bay and looking back on it we could have done a lot more with our time there! Saying this I still really enjoyed myself and I can safely say Byron Bay was one of my favourite places we visited, I just wish I had made the effort to see more and wish I wasn’t so financially challenged at the time.

Byron Bay itself is a very small town right on the beach and has such a relaxed atmosphere. There are lots of small cafes and hippy shops, which is right up my street! The beach was amazing too, the sand was soft and golden and the waves were massive which made it so much fun playing around in the sea. We pretty much spent our days soaking up the sun on the beach and our nights drinking ourselves silly. Although we were pretty lazy while we were there I really enjoyed myself hanging around with friends we had made in the hostel.

 I really liked the hostel we stayed in while we were there. It was Backpackers Inn on The Beach which had its own private access to the beach and a really nice garden area with a pool and volleyball court. One night they even had a huge inflatable cinema screen where they played American Pie, which was great to chill out with a beer and watch. Another night they had a fire dancer come in that was fun to watch, although I will admit after the fire shows in Thailand it wasn’t great in comparison. 

A night I will never forget is our last night. We had had a few drinks at the hostel with a few friends and decided to head down to the beach rather than going out. There was a campfire and a good group of people and I really enjoyed spending the evening relaxing and chatting away. It was one of those moments that I imagined travelling Australia would be like. I had always wanted to do a bonfire on the beach and it was so beautiful, its definitely one of my favourite memories from Australia.

 A few things I wish I had done while I was there include taking a surf lesson, walk up to the lighthouse, kayaked with the dolphins and taken a day trip to Nimbin. At this point I was running pretty low on funds, which did affect what I was able to do. I definitely plan on revisiting however so hopefully next time I can fit all of this in! I have no excuse other than pure laziness for not walking up to the lighthouse so that is definitely a big regret.

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