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Australia, Fraser Island

Fraser Island was another experience that I was so excited to write a post about, looking back I think it was my favourite part of the East coast! If you haven’t heard of Fraser Island it is the world’s largest sand island and is one of the most popular destinations on Australia’s East coast. You would typically do a two day, three night tour, which we did, that involves driving 4x4’s around the island and camping overnight.

On our first day we had to drive over to the island on the ferry and settle into our camp. It took us a little while to make our way to the camp, the island is surprisingly big, but I wasn’t complaining as I luckily managed to be the first to drive and that is by far the best bit! After dropping off our belongings we headed over to lake Wabby, which wasn’t exactly easy to get to. It took around 40 minutes to walk up to the lake in the boiling heat. It wasn’t easy but it was all worth it when we could run down the huge sand dune into the lake itself and finally cool off.

After a little while of relaxing at the lake we headed back to camp where we would walk up to huge sand dunes to do sand boarding. This was again another long walk in the heat, I was absolutely nackered, but our guide assured us he was getting the destinations with the most walking out of the way with first. It was an absolute mission getting to the top of these dunes but it was totally worth it. Even if you didn’t take part in the sand boarding the view itself made it worth the effort. It was like being in a desert, the dunes stretched for miles it was absolutely incredible.

On our second day we had an early start as we had so much to fit in. We visited Indian Head, Champagne Pools, the Maheno shipwreck and the tea tree lake. It was a lot to fit into one day and it involved a lot of driving but it was such an amazing day. For part of it we were driving through the rainforest which was awesome. The road itself was difficult to drive on and after about an hour of driving it did make some of us a little queasy, but how often can you say you’ve driven through the rainforest?

Indian Head was incredible when you climbed to the top there was such a good view across the beaches and we were even able to see stingrays and sharks swimming in the sea below. Champagne Pools was really fun although I must admit I didn’t spend too much time playing in the water as I had a much-needed nap! The shipwreck was another amazing sight, its not very often you get to see the remains of a ship washed ashore. There was a board with the story of how the ship came to be there as well which was really interesting. Finally the tea tree lake was so much fun. Before jumping in we spent some time watching the tiny turtles poking their heads above the surface and feeding them organic lettuce. It was great actually swimming in the lake too as the tea tree is amazing for your hair and skin.

Our final day was dedicated to the most amazing spot on the island, Lake Mackenzie. It took my breath away it was so stunning, it looked like the most incredible beach I kept forgetting it was a lake! Silica sand lines the lake and the water itself is so clear as it is made up of rainwater. We only had around an hour there as it took so long to drive back to the ferry afterwards but it was definitely my favourite destination.

Overall the trip was just incredible. Driving around in the 4x4’s was so much fun and we had such a good group of people. Each night we would all make our dinner then play a few drinking games and get to know each other a little better. On our last night, after a little too much goon, we headed down to the beach. A few of the guys, including our guide, decided to go skinny-dipping which was hilarious! Overall it was such an amazing trip I would love to do it again at some point!

Just wanted to mention the first two photos were taken by my partner in crime Abi and they're incredible!

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