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Australia, Sydney

When visiting Australia almost everyone will start off in Sydney. It is one of the most popular cities of course and the cheapest to fly into so naturally we chose to start our trip here. We decided to stay in Kings Cross as we had heard it was a popular backpacker area, personally I would not stay there again but it was an experience I guess!

Our whole experience of Australia felt so rushed as we only had two and a half weeks to work with, so we were only in Sydney for three days. On our first day we started with the most obvious sightseeing; Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I don’t think it had really hit us that we were in Australia until this point but after the first glimpse of the Opera House it really sunk in just how far away from home we were. We also decided to visit the Westfield Tower to get an aerial view of the harbour that was incredible. As the observatory deck wraps around the building you’re able to see so much of Sydney and of course looking over the harbour itself was amazing.

 On our second day we spent most of our time wandering around and checking out the shops. I personally love walking around cities, rather than taking public transport, as it allows you to get to know your surroundings better and potentially discover things you would miss in a vehicle. We found Sydney fairly easy to navigate as well which of course makes things easier, I would recommend having a map to hand just in case though!

Our last day we wanted to fit in as much as possible so we began the day by hitting the beach! As we had other plans for the day we decided to go to Bondi over Manly as it is easier to get to. Although we didn’t have long there it was so nice sitting on the beach eating chippy style chips, a nice little reminder of home. While we were there the beach was also closed off due a shark sighting. We found this pretty exciting although I’m sure it’s a common occurrence, and the shark seemed to come so close to the shore! It was so fun watching the helicopters flying around tracking the shark and seeing how near it swam to the beach.

For the last part of the day we met up with a few friends from the hostel and visited the Sea Life Centre in the harbour. This was such a nice way to spend the afternoon and I loved getting to see the dugongs and sharks up close. Obviously I much prefer diving and seeing these creatures in their natural environment but it was also nice getting to see such a variety of sea life and enjoy watching them on dry land!

As I’m posting this I have now visited Sydney three times but there is still so much I haven’t seen. No doubt I will be revisiting at some point and hopefully will be able to cross off a few more sights. Although Sydney was not my favourite city it is definitely worth a visit and is of course an experience everyone should have in Australia.

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