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Capturing The Moment

I don’t claim to be an expert in photography or even consider myself to be particularly good at it, but I absolutely love taking photos on my adventures! I really enjoy trying to get that perfect shot and enjoy editing all of my photos afterwards even more. Travelling has really inspired me and fuelled my passion for photography, which has made me do a little research into how I can improve my own photographs.

Like I say, I don’t claim to be an expert but I would like to share some of the advice I have found and followed to help me take better photographs. I personally love reading posts about photography and how to capture the moment perfectly so I thought I would write my own and maybe inspire any of you who are looking for some helpful tips.

Take your time

My first piece of advice would be to take your time when taking a photograph. Obviously this may not always be possible if you are rushing from place to place, but when you can it is always better to take as much time as you need to make sure you get that perfect shot. Ensure your image is clear an captures everything you want it to, after all you may never revisit certain places so its better to ensure you come away with you perfect shot.

Don’t delete anything

At least not until you can properly review all of your images. I have been guilty of deleting photos on the spot after only seeing it on my camera’s display, but I definitely would not suggest doing this! You can’t properly see your photographs until they’re up on a computer screen to scrutinise so you may delete some of your best ones doing it this way. A lot of people say not to delete anything as each photograph can hold a memory, but if you have 20 of practically the same thing or some blurred ones I think its okay to discard them.

Get creative with your photographs

Try to think like a photographer and be as creative as you can. Consider things like colours, patterns, light and shadows, the subject of the photo and the overall composition. This can obviously be quite difficult at first getting to know what makes a good composition but keep practising and trying new things and it will come to you. I found, when I first started getting serious about photography, using basic photography tips like the rule of thirds to be very helpful and help me to understand what makes a good composition. Another tip would be to try and use natural frames in your photographs such as leaves or even literal frames like windows to help build that creative composition.

Include people

This is something I have only recently started to do. Landscape shots can be stunning and do not always need a live subject but more often than not including people in your photographs will make it much more interesting. Whether that is your travel companion or people on the street, a photograph can look that much more creative with people included. If you are using people you don’t know as the subject when possible try to get permission before photographing them as its just polite!

Use your time wisely

My final piece of advice would be to use the free time you have wisely. Often when travelling you have a lot of spare time on your hands and this is the perfect time to get to know your camera and its settings. Practise makes perfect with anything and really taking the time to understand how your camera works and seeing how different settings control the overall image will help you to take better photographs.

I hope some of you find this post helpful and if you guys have any other useful tips or ideas for taking better photos feel free to comment below.

Credit to Sarah and Thom for this amazing photograph! To check out some of Thom's other photography click here.

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