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Thailand, Koh Samui & Koh Phangan

I have decided to include both of the islands in one post as my time on each island was very brief and they overlapped each other. We had originally planned to stay on Koh Samui over New Years and only travel over to Koh Phangan for the full moon party. However, after realising the party would not end until the next day and practicality of trying to get a boat back, we decided to stay for the night on New Years Eve.

In total we only had a couple of days on Koh Samui so we didn’t get to fit in all that much. We had a day of shopping in Chaweng, one of the main tourist areas, getting all of our UV gear for the full moon party and also a night out seeing the local bars. There were of course the usual fire shows on the bars along the beach, but I must admit I found the best ones to be on Koh Phi Phi. We did take a day trip to one of the waterfalls, which was lovely to see it’s just a shame we didn’t have longer to explore what else the island had to offer.

We made our way to Koh Phangan on New Years Eve morning and we were all so excited! As we knew it was going to be a crazy night ahead we spent the whole day lounging around the pool in our resort and taking in the amazing views. We did not make this decision to stay on Koh Phangan until very last minute so we were lucky to find a brilliant deal on a room. The resort was forty minutes away from Haad Rin, where the full moon party is held, but it was absolutely stunning and only £15 a night each so we went for it. Fortunately the resort had its own transport to drop us off at the party and finding a taxi back was no problem, although we were of course totally ripped off.

The night of the party was everything I was expecting it to be, crammed with people and totally crazy! There were thousands of tourists and locals all on one beach drinking and dancing and music coming from all directions. It was hectic but so much fun, although I did see some things I wish I hadn’t! The whole experience feels like a blur of alcohol and UV which to be honest I feel sums it up pretty well.

 The party went on until the early hours and around 7am we had to head back to grab at least one hour sleep before starting our journey back to Bangkok. Like I say our organisation was pretty shoddy, we didn’t even book our transport back until 9pm the evening before! I would not recommend doing this by the way; we were extremely lucky to even get any transport back. Somehow we managed to be on schedule for the whole thing the next morning, pretty impressive when you’re hung over and only had an hour sleep.

I would love to revisit Koh Phangan and actually get to see more of the island. Clearly 24 hours was not enough time and once you get away from the main tourist area the island itself is absolutely stunning, I would of course love to do another full moon or a jungle party too!

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