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Why I blog and read blogs

Since having gotten back into blogging I’ve found myself thinking about why I actually want to do this and what is it that inspires me to write. There are a number of reasons why people blog but I wanted to write about the reasons I have for writing my own and also why I like to read other blogs.

The main reason I write my blog is to keep an online travel journal of my experiences. I do write a physical journal while I am on the road but I really enjoy writing posts about my adventures and getting to include some of the many photos I take along the way. It’s a totally different format and way of writing than my other journal and I like how I can look at it whenever I like and it isn’t something I could physically lose.

One reason I began writing my blog is so that I would be able to share with others the experiences I have had. This is still true to a certain extent as it is of course a public platform that anyone can see, but it isn’t something I often talk about with my close friends or family. I guess it’s the creative type in me that’s too self critical that’s stopped me from sharing my blog with loved ones. However, the longer I’ve been away the more I’ve considered telling others about my blog so that they can keep up with what I’m up to.

My final motivation to write my blog is my creativity. I find I can get so frustrated if I don’t have some form of creative outlet while I’m on the road so I’ve found blogging is a brilliant way for me to do this. I really enjoy writing and editing photos so a blog is a great way to combine the two. It also pushes me to improve my photography skills, another creative interest of mine.

The main reason I read other blogs is for inspiration. I read a variety of blogs, not just travel related, and I take so much inspiration from them. Whether that is places to visit, experiences to have or things to buy I find blogs can be really influential with my decision-making. Particularly with travel I love reading other peoples blogs for recommendations and others opinions on destinations.

Another reason why I enjoy reading blogs so much is that you tend to get a very personal and unbiased opinion. The majority of the time people are only writing about topics they have chosen and will give their honest opinions or feelings. I personally try to give a very honest opinion when I write my own posts and I feel as though the majority of other bloggers are doing the same. Sometimes with magazines or television you don’t always get an entirely truthful outlook so this is something I appreciate when reading blogs.

Finally, I enjoy reading other blogs as I find bloggers and their lifestyles quite aspirational. For a lot of successful bloggers writing their blog is their full time job and from this they get a lot of exciting opportunities. I didn’t set out with the aim to make my blog into a business but I do find it very aspirational and inspiring seeing other bloggers do so and I enjoy reading about their lifestyles and seeing what they have managed to achieve from their own hard work. For me this is very motivational and inspires me to keep writing my own.

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