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One year (And a bit) later

Where to even begin! Needless to say I have majorly neglected my little corner of the internet and have barely even thought of updating my blog over the past year. I have wanted to a couple of times but the thought of trying to catch up where I left off felt so overwhelming. The last time I was putting time and effort into maintaining my posting schedule I was completing my farm work so it was difficult trying to maintain my blog, work hectic hours and keep up my social life. So much has happened I don't even know where to begin, but I want to try and pick up where I left off last time. 

Although I am going to start blogging again, I want to clear up a few things first. I realised a long time ago I am clearly not cut out for blogging as anything more than as a hobby. I'm useless at sticking to a schedule, I'm terrible at keeping it up to date and I just don't have the energy or motivation to monitor stats and to try and draw in new readers. Just look at my blogs social media and you’ll see I'm terrible at self promotion! I've realised this blog is nothing more than a digital version of my travel journal which I am happy with it being. I enjoy writing my travel related articles and will continue to include them, but I'm no longer focused on how many readers or page views I get and whether or not I could potentially monetise my blog.

There was a time where I wanted to turn blogging into my job, I loved the idea of the freedom it would give me, but I've accepted this is my little space that is just for me. I didn’t start blogging with the sole purpose of turning this into my career but as time went on I hoped it would turn into that. However, things have changed and so has my mindset and now I simply want to have a document of my travels that I could never misplace and be able to easily show other people if I choose to. 

If there is anyone other than myself reading this or who is even remotely interested in my adventures you are more than welcome to keep reading as I really want to get this little blog up to date, but please don't expect it to be consistently maintained or even an interesting read. This blog is for me, it’s something I want to be able to look back on to remember my travels and to use as my creative outlet. I really enjoy creating content and documenting my adventures but the enjoyment was ruined for me by trying to remain consistent and stick to a schedule. For now I’m going to post freely and whenever I choose to keep the fun in it and not make it feel like work or something I have to do. Here’s to a new blogging experience!

P.S. I cannot take credit for the photo included in this post it was taken by a friend and colleague of mine Sam, I just had to include it!

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