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Australia, Northern Queensland's Waterfalls

 I decided to write only one post regarding Queensland’s waterfalls as there are so many I could talk about and my memory is a little fuzzy of each. I definitely have my favourites but generally the waterfalls and rainforest of Northern Queensland are absolutely stunning and anyone visiting should definitely take the time to at least check out one or two. If you are based in Cairns there are a couple of really great tour companies that take you to all of the best ones in a day, or there is also the option of renting a car and driving to whichever you choose. Personally I visited each waterfall I went to with friends so either in their car or rented one, but I’ve heard brilliant things about the Uncle Brians*** and the Barefoot*** tours if you wanted to do it that way. 

I’ll start by talking about some of the most popular. The main waterfall everyone wants to visit is probably Millaa Millaa falls. This is where Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl video was filmed and one of the Herbal Essences adverts, so it’s pretty popular with tourists. I myself have visited a couple of times and it is part of a waterfall circuit which was pretty fun to drive. Millaa Millaa was one of the only ones you could actually swim in on the circuit and it is beautiful, so it was probably my favourite of the circuit. Pre warning to anyone wanting to visit, the water is bloody freezing! Its a nice little spot to hang out anyway and go for a swim. You might even come across the occasional bush turkey walking around or spot little turtles swimming in the pool.

My personal favourite has to be Murray falls. It is a little bit of a mission from Cairns but it is totally worth it! It is located not far past Tully so would probably take a couple of hours to get to but it is one I would highly recommend. Technically you are not allowed to swim in Murray falls and if caught you will be asked to leave. It isn't exactly safe to swim in either the top or the bottom pools of the waterfall, but if you’re willing to risk your life (being brutally honest here) it’s absolutely incredible. When I visited we made a weekend of it and camped which was so much fun. We spent a day at the bottom pools (which is definitely safer than the top) and a day at the very top and its a weekend I’ll never forget. As you can see from the photo above its absolutely stunning.

Another favourite of mine has to be Josephine falls. This is another popular one that most people will know of and its a great spot for swimming. There is a natural rock slide and a decent sized pool making it a lot of fun and a great place to cool off. I went with a group of friends and spent a good couple of hours here. As with most of the waterfalls it can be dangerous as it gets slippery, so I’d recommend being a little cautious as me and my friend both got a little hurt.

My memory gets a little fuzzy now with names of the other waterfalls I’ve visited as I was fortunate enough to visit a few, but some others I would recommend visiting include Babinda Boulders and Crystal Cascades. There are so many options and there are heaps I never got to properly explore myself, but from my own experience each waterfall I visited was great fun and is a great way to escape the hear and spend the day with some friends. 

I also wanted to include another one of Charlie's awesome videos of our trip to Murray Falls (pictured above). 

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