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Australia, Port Douglas

My experience of Port Douglas was very brief and a little spontaneous, but as it was such a nice weekend I wanted to write a short post about it. I had been invited to go by a friend of mine I had met in Cairns. She had somehow been offered to stay in a local’s apartment there over the weekend who had said it was okay for her to bring some friends. As she was by herself me and two other friends I had been spending time with in Cairns decided to drive up to visit her and make the most of the free accommodation. The apartment itself had plenty of space and was wicked, it was so close to the beach as well!

On our way there we had stopped at Barron Falls and the drive there was so much fun. One of the guys had his own camper van so getting there was nice and easy. The road leading from Cairns to Port Douglas was so scenic as it pretty much ran along the coast the whole way, and Queensland is such a beautiful state as it is. The only down side to travelling in the van was that it didn’t have air conditioning and the radio didn't work. We decided to entertain ourselves and sing our own songs in the end, which was hilarious. As my friends were German and French, we sang our favourite Disney songs in our own languages which sounded so funny all together!

When we arrived in Port Douglas it looked absolutely stunning. The road into the centre was lined with Palm trees and the weather was gorgeous. We met our other friend straight away and hit the beach immediately to make the most of the sun. The beach itself was lovely to. Very flat sand, so great if you wanted to run or play ball games, and it was pretty quiet too so perfect for relaxing.

For the evening we had planned to head into the town and see what was happening as we knew there was a hostel around. To be honest the night life wasn't great so we decided to make our own fun and headed back to the apartment. We had a barbecue on the balcony and stayed up drinking and playing card games until stupid o’clock. It was nice to have such a relaxed evening after usually having crazy nights out in Cairns over the weekends, so although brief I really enjoyed my time in Port Douglas.

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