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Australia, Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a small town in Northern Queensland that seems to be popular with families and backpackers. It’s ideal for families as it’s a small, quiet beach town that never gets overly busy and for backpackers the appeal is the same. There are 3 hostels there that are reasonably priced and it’s a great little place to stop and relax, especially if you’re doing a particularly hectic East Coast trip. Another reason why backpackers may head to mission beach is that it’s a popular place for skydiving. From Cairns, Mission Beach is one of the only places to do a beach landing on a skydive and it’s one of the nicer beaches in the region. There is a nice relaxed atmosphere and the place itself it gorgeous ... 

I visited Mission Beach many times because as I have previously mentioned I spent a lot of time in the Cairns region. It was very close to where I was doing my regional work, and it’s a wicked beach, so we would visit regularly. Whilst I was living in Tully we would regularly hire a bus to take a big group of us down on the weekends which was always so much fun. We’d grab some cartons of beer and stay there all day relaxing and listening to music. On a couple of trips we stayed fairly late and were lucky enough to meet a group of locals and backpackers heading down to the beach to make a bonfire. Now I couldn’t say whether or not this is legal or if it’s something you’re actually allowed to do, but it was a lot of fun! For me I’d always imagined having bonfires on the beach when I thought about backpacking in Australia, so I was so happy I got to experience it.

I only had the opportunity to spend one night in the YHA hostel there so I can only make a brief comment. The hostel itself was basic but had friendly staff and lots of information available for things to do in the area. After spending a Saturday night there with a good friend I realised how quiet the town really is, if you’re after a hectic night it definitely isn’t the place to go! If you’re looking for a chilled one with a couple of drinks however, its perfect.

The second time I stayed overnight I was camping with a group of friends. We stayed at the main campsite right on the beach which was in an awesome location and had decent facilities available. We arrived late at night and left early the next morning (which luckily meant we avoided having to pay anything) so again I have only a brief experience to comment on, but I really enjoyed it. In true backpacker style we took a bag of goon down to the beach and stayed up until the early hours enjoying a few drinks and chatting. It was such a nice night and I had so much fun, the only downside was the weather. We woke up ridiculously early because it was coming up to summer time and being in Northern Queensland, it gets very hot and humid! That is definitely something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of camping in Australia. 

I wouldn’t say that Mission Beach is a destination you should go out of your way to visit (depending on what you’re interested in obviously), but it’s an awesome little beach town that I’d recommending spending the day in if you’re in the region. I have so many fond memories from spending many a weekend there whilst doing my regional work so it will always have a special place in my heart.

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