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Australia, Mildura

As you may know from my previous posts about completing my regional work, Mildura was awful for me in terms of work. I worked on a fig farm for a grand total of four days before deciding I wasn’t willing to put myself through gruelling days in 40°C heat for far below minimum wage. I almost wasn’t going to write a post on my time in Mildura, but asides from the awful work and then the stress of not finding alternative work I did actually manage to enjoy myself … 
While I was in Mildura I got the opportunity to have a unique experience I hadn’t considered before, living out of a tent! It wasn’t a camping trip it was how we had chosen to live for a period of time to save some serious money. We had also decided to make the experience that much more extreme by staying at a free campsite … without facilities. Now I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else for more than a couple of nights, but we went without amenities and electricity for roughly two and a half weeks all for the sake of spending as little as possible. 


I know what you're thinking, we must have been mad! I will admit to not being overly stoked on the idea but as I had spent the last of my savings partying in Melbourne, I didn’t really have much choice. The fact we were doing it as a group made it seem less scary and I thought it would be an interesting experience to look back on.

It turned out to be nowhere near as tough as I thought. I wont lie and say that I didn’t miss having a proper shower, toilet and electricity, but at the same time it was actually an awesome experience living without technology and spending so much time in nature. We were able to see so many cool creatures and native Australian wildlife in their natural environment and had so much fun cooling off in the river and going for beautiful sunset walks. It forced us to get creative with our entertainment and our cooking making the most of what we had, and we actually had a lot of fun with very little.

We survived without laptops or phones, only using them when we were able to make the journey into town, and instead would stay up playing dungeons and dragons (sounds ridiculous but it was actually so much fun!) and telling ghost stories around the campfire. We’d go for walks through the bush exploring the area and watch the sunset from the banks which was amazing. My favourite definitely was discovering a rope swing a little further up the river, which we of course made good use of, and cruising along in a little rubber dingy. Watching huge goanas strolling casually through our camp was another highlight for me, they got a little more cheeky as they got used to us!

Although it isn't something I’d necessarily jump at the chance to do again, I have so many fond memories of our time spent on the bank of the Murray River and it is a story not many other backpackers have to tell. I’m also fortunate I had an amazing group of people to experience it with who helped me face some of my fears (like swimming out into the river and hitchhiking) and to toughen me up a little bit. 

For anyone else who has lived this way or in a similar scenario, I would love to hear your stories and how you found the experience. Thanks for reading!

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